Our Favourite Bluetooth Speakers

We all love listening to music wherever we go but your top of the range home sound system is a bit on the big side to be carrying around in the boot of your car. Thats why we’re in the market for a bluetooth speaker so we can play all our favourite songs wherever we might end up. We compiled a handy list of some of the best bluetooth speakers on the market right now ranging in price for those on a budget and those who are looking to invest.


Ultimate Ears Roll 2

The UE Roll 2 comes in at around the £70 mark and is in our opinion the best budget bluetooth speaker there is. It comes in a variety of different colours for those music lovers who want their speaker to match their ensemble and has a 9 hour battery life. The UE Roll 2 is also waterproof for holidays by the pool.

If you are looking to get a good bluetooth speaker for under £100 this should be at the very top of your list of things to check out.

Audio Pro Addon T3

The Audio Pro Addon T3 is a no nonsense bluetooth speaker which dropped all the gimmicks in the pursuit of great sounding audio. If you do a bit of online digging you may be able to find one or two at the lower price of £170 but generally they go for around £200. It comes in 5 different colours and has 12 hour battery life. Perfect for those who care more about sound quality over trendy designs.


Geneva AeroSphère Large

This speaker in our own humble opinion is the best looking one on this list. The Geneva AeroSphère Large comes with an optional stand and is available in 3 different colours. With the ability to removed the stand and sit the speaker on a worktop or table gives it the unique ability to blend in with the furniture or become a talking point. It can runs from an AC power supply and is compatible with Apple Airplay to.

Naim Mu-so

The most expensive choice on our list at around £900 this speaker is the premium choice on our list. The Naim Mu-so is a pretty big piece of kit but it has a huge sound to match. This kicks out some great dynamic rangers and ass a sense of scale to everything that plays through it. If great sound is what you are after and portability means nothing to you then this is the speaker of your dreams.

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