4 Of The Best Headphones On The Market

Are you one of those people who are constantly upgrading their headphones or constantly loosing them? Are you looking for something that sounds great but doesn’t break the bank? We have compiled a handy list of our favourite headphones on the market right now.

Sennheiser Momentum M2 IEi

These in ear headphones won the What HiFi Product of the Year in 2016. The Sennheiser Momentum model is one the the best on the market. They have a 1.3 meter cable and a have a handy set of inline controls. Whats most important is they sound great and they look great. They come in two different styles too. What more can you ask for at £89.99.


The AKG Y50 sound fantastic for the price. If you do a bit of shopping around you can pick a pair of these over ear headphones for around £49.99. They come in 4 different colours from bold to black. With a slightly shorted cable coming in at 1.2 meters that might get in the way sometimes these are well worth a punt if you are looking for something cheaper but not lacking in audio quality.

Sony MDR-1000X

The Sony MDR-1000X are the first wireless headphones to make our list. Which is a really handy thing to have nowadays with manufacturers like Apple ditching their 3.5mm jack input. It means we might see other companies follow suit but you’ll be ahead of the curve with a set of Bluetooth headphones. The sound quality is really balanced and they feature noise cancellation that works really well. One of the best we’ve ever used to be fair. They are a bit more on the pricey side coming in at around £329 a pair. These headphone come with a really nifty carry case to keep you headphones looking sharp.

Soul Electronics Flex

The Soul Electronics Flex are a great set of headphones for runners. The in ears come with over the ear clips to keep the music flowing while you are on the move. For around the £30 mark you get quite a bit of bang for your buck and they sound great. A wise choice.

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